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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  November 18, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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news of 4:30 >> our big story at 4:30 the san francisco municipal transportation agency has a list of the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians. these are your locations for the and the highest number of collisions with pickles cured with no. 5 incidence at howard/sex. 6! jeff bush shows you the intersection. >> this is the most dangerous intersection in the city, sixth/howard has. a lot of people that across this intersection. and in 2008 there were five people hit by vehicles. nobody knows the dangers better than ronald who lives upstairs in the seeing three pedestrians this year. >> one time, i was looking in the window and saw a city
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bus. and dragged him a little bit, and it did not trip put him out of his wheelchair. with a was a white tour bus. >> and you saw that when? >> yes, the other one, he had something around his neck, crippled. and the car came around the corner and broke his leg. >> the third? >> the third was where he wanted to cross on the green light. and they did go across this any time, zone. and any time, but it also hit him, and dragged him. this is dangerous! you verbally have to be looking. if you are not?-you believe have to be looking, you could still get it even on the sidewalk.
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>> and take it from a ronald, please be extra careful. it howard/sex. >> in san francisco, an employee of the u.s.-sixth street. >> issuing fake social security cards. rachel ochoa on two criminal counts of a federal court. federal documentation and theft of government property. they do not know how many she issued but an earlier complaint is suggesting and her next court hearing is on monday. officials fear the worst. >> with your mount pam cam, who do this evening, we are already dropping temperatures as this is going to be impacted us, tomorrow. with 55 degrees
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in san francisco, half moon bay, and mostly in the 50s out there right now. lower 60s in the end. and with the difference over the last 24 hours. 60s-inland. about a 10 degree difference, and redwood city. and not much of a sea breeze this afternoon compared to yesterday. also, 10 degrees warmer in concord, livermore, fremont and this will continue as we see the impact of this storm to the north. you can see the cloud band to the north. it will push through tomorrow. and a look at tomorrow, we will see some clouds in the morning but more mild conditions to start the day. it will definitely be cool as the green pushes through an approach is by 3:00 p.m. we will time it out as that- rainfall pushes through an
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up. >> in national news come off they want a family was found come off the mother's 30 year-old daughter was rescued this weekend. -13 year-old the suspect, in an earlier court appearance is that you hoffman - mathew he killed those three victim's and the home and then put them in the woods. this teenager accused of being barefoot and it was back in court. 19 year-old, moore after he was taken into custody. and he was leading authorities on a cross- country chase with cars, boats, planes. he pleaded not guilty to all charges. his attorney says that he is working with prosecutors to
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negotiate a book/movie. the idea is to use the money to compensate the victims. >> and charles rangal they are recommending cesnsure and also, on paid taxing. >> a wind with his reelected was 21st term made a last emotional plea before the subcommittee decided his fate. >> i believe these rules are not punishable, these are here to guide the members to protect the character, and integrity of this congress. >> and the house ethics subcommittee said that he is guilty on over a dozen counts with billing to pay taxes on a vacation property. that was what he was while he was chairman of the ho and means we've
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ways and means. >> and i respectfully submit, that he should recommend to the full house respondedfull housecesnured >> al been a congressman to talk about his likable demeanor and overall popularity. however, he needs to own up to his mistakes. >> he can no longer blame anybody other than himself. rangal defending himself and needed to delay the trial because he needed new attorneys. he spent $2 million. and friend/co civil- right. >> and let me tell you that rangal a good and decent man. >> and after thanksgiving if that passes? you will suffer the embarrassment of standing before his colleagues and getting an oral rebuked by the speaker. pam? >> house republicans voted
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unanimously to deny the for money for national public radio. -npr. internet reporter, kimberly sakamoto. >> this was a retaliation for a and b are filing of juan william after firing his resulting from his comments on muslims. and regular people can vote on how the belief federal funding should be cut let us take a look exactly how this website works. people vote on the top five issues including this one. to terminate tax funding for npr, that will save tens, millions of dollars and other issues would permit exchanges, wheeling, trading, and with wheelinaling, it will take each week's and offer this to the doghouse for a vote. stay with us. we
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room >> a contra costa county juvenile hall has beeworker has been possession of child pornography, this is this picture, he was arrested at 7:00 a.m. detectives found with a describe as a very large amount of child pornography on hard drives that is home in pleasant hill. he worked as a therapist for the contra costa county juvenile hall and in martinez, and he is on administrative leave. and at this time, he's being held in jail, the county jail and martina's. >> in this trial of the-in martinez. the my fatal shooting, the san francisco complex. -a fatal teamed shooting. and after a week of deliberations, according
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to prosecutors he was upset that michael jr. was not moving fast enough down an escalator outside of a video arcade at this video arcade. and he shot after a fist fight outside of the shopping mall. and he remains in custody. >> the lawyer that once represented lorna patterson drabrown was ample implicated to kill witnesses in 2007. she was implicated, and to maneuver people out of jail, and to name witnesses in her client's trial. it is unclear weather resignation will affect and the district attorney's office is continuing to review the case. she is not been charged with a crime.
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>> and an extended forecast, big changes! with rain, and windy conditions. we will time it felt, coming up. time it out
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7 7 >> a pretty picture of the sun goes down and this will continue throughout the night tonight and tomorrow. storm taking aim at the bay area. this ran will start but temperatures are very much want to be on the cool side tomorrow. upper 50s, and then saturday, the the four degrees. and 54 on the coast it is going to be very chilly--54 on the coast. moderate/wendy on the saturday. let us take a look of those temperatures with windy conditions on saturday it was already chilly but, the same thing. upper 50s for the most part with 57 degrees in san francisco.
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and some 60s, and the south bay. 60 in the san jose, los gatos. and this stormtracker 4 radar. not a lot of moisture. which means there is moisture with this cloud coverage that is no. 2 was that will see decent amount of rainfall from that, north of us. and as this is breaking apart to northern california. not organized rainfall but it will pick back up as this moisture regenerate from offshore has a continue to intensify, from bay area through 4:00 p.m., continue into saturday morning. with pockets of rainfall to the east and a moderate on the coastline. look at that! 4:00 a.m., to the santa cruz mountains. and we will see some decent rainfall totals nothing to intense but not to light, either.
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10:00 a.m. on saturday the rainfall will continue and have your on the south. we will see this rotation on saturday. let us take a look of the rainfall totals. and to increase these in the mountains because the heaviest could be in the south with one-inch and 2 1/4. through saturday, and three-quarters to the celtic, the east bay, the central bay and the north bay. to take a look of the kron 4 kron 4 7 day around the bay it is going to be a wet, cold, windy weekend. especially on saturday and snowfall totals! will drop on 3,000 ft. we might see a dusting to the old diablo range. and perhaps even more to the east. like tahoe will get plenty of snowfall. - lake tahoe. and thursday, conditions look great, sunny, mild, a great rebound. them as early winter storm in the upper elevations of the sierra nevada has ski resorts
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starting dates open earlier. 7 7 >> and world news, president obama is ratified a new nuclear arms treaty. and to delay this, he said we're not talking about politics is a matter of national security. >> as ronald reagan said we have to trust and also verified in order for us to verify, we have to have the treaty. this new treaty is also a cornerstone of from our relations with russia. this goes beyond nuclear security. russia has been a fundamental to place strong sanctions strongiran do with its strong-against riran sanctions and then it is
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been critical in working with our troops, and securing a vulnerable nuclear materials worldwide. and to enhance european security. >> the world health organization is warning of a drug resistant malaria. this is spreading in southeast asia. not enough is being done to detect it. a strain of this the mosquito is resistant to the strongest vaccine. stay with us. we will be back after this quick break. verizon's your home for samsung galaxy. like the exclusive continuum.
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it kind of makes sense. 3-d has really grain and popularity with avatar and almost every movie is offered and treaty. and some of the top 10 were and 3-d. -three dimensional, and they are expected to be a regular thing in people's living rooms were in a few years. espn, discovery, and big networks are offering three the that works. in conjunction. >> and with their traditional that works there will offer also three- dimensional. >> and because to go to the theater? you could assure these, like bowling shoes. with recycling. and they found that some of these movie theater glasses had a number of germs including those that can cause skin problems and staph,
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>> these are cheaply made. so if you look at these street on? you could lose the three-dimensional impact. straight on. however, oakley is more designer, ergonomic and if you move your head a round? you'll still gain in and retain the impact of the three dimensional i tried the. these on, and i tested this, side by side. and i will have to say that the vote was much better. and it looked better with the oakland, the designer three- dimensional blesses it $120. gabriel slate's tech report >> -costs $120. and a growing concern about the intimate pat downs. now, one bay area officials that he will file charges if security goes too far.
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>> holiday travel. new applications you will want to have. safety. a body discovered and last night a stabbing at golden gate park. why this city is becoming such an issue, coming up.
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>> it is calling the g groping, and date-rape, they do not want many changes to the policy. - gate rape >> rob fladeboe. >> that is correct, the t s.a. is putting


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